Change grid filter from widget

Is it technically possible to write a widget that dynamically changes the filter or xpath of a grid?
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I would guess it's technically possible to do what you want, but it might require you developing your own replacement for the datagrid object which is no small undertaking. There are alternatives...

Create a domain object with attributes to identify your query, and an association to the current user, and a reference set selector to the object you are querying and displaying in your data grid.

Add on change microflows on the search attributes to retrieve the matching records, then set the reference set selector with the result. In your form use a data view of the new object with the search criteria fields, and a datagrid to show the linked records through the reference set. You can then dynamically change the contents of the datagrid when you change your search attributes.

So if one of your search attribute fields is a drop-down list, such as 'Records assigned to me', 'Records created by me today', 'Records breaching response targets', you can create branches of your on change microflow to match whatever query you need to each if these selections.