Displaying a reference selector as read only.

How can I display a reference selector on a form as read only? I have 2 objects, a 'Price List' object and a 'Price List Item' object. I have a dataview form to update the details of a Price List Item, and I want to display on this form the 'Price List' name to which the Item belongs. The Price List Name is displayed as a reference selector (drop down), but I do not want the user to be able to change this. I can't see any option to make this read only. I also tried using a microflow in which I create a variable to hole the value of the Price List Name, but I then can't find any way to display this variable on the form. How can I do this? Thanks, Andy
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In the Properties menu, the Behavior part, should be a property called Read only. Setting this to True should do the trick.


OK - Ignore the previous comment - I have now found the property - it's in a different position from usual & for some reason I couldn't saee it (Monday morning??)!


OK - That's what I expected, & that's what I tried, but the 'read only' proporty is not appearing under behavior for a reference selector - hence my problem!