How dynamic are the Google Maps

I have implemented the Gmap module from the App store and set-up according to some of the instructions in the forums. So far, so good. I have the mapwidget in a dataview listening to a datagrid on the entity that is inheriting from location, and it opens correct, showing all items in the list. When selecting one item it will zoom in and center, and when hitting the mapmarker that will show the data. 1) how do I go back to showing the entire map, other then a screen refresh 2) when I use the "search" option on the Datagrid, why wont the map show only the markers for the restricted set ? Help/suggestions appriciated
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The Google Maps only works with the object in the dataview. It has a feature where if no such object is found, it will use the objects that are retrieved using its xpath. This has no connection to the datagrid.