pre-documenting a feature request on Sprintr widget

I wil restate my original question in a hopefully slightly clearer way, to obtain some feedback and potentially use this to create a feature request. If I understand correctly at the moment the FIRST Sprintr widget a user stumbles upon will trigger to the Sprintr project associated to that widget. I am currently working on, let call it a selfservice, portal. The various sections of application "behind" the first Dashboard-style form are associated to various Sprintr project. So far so good, this part actualy seems to work OK. However, sometimes users will return to the "main" portal page and enter a second "tract". This is where my question/problem are. For reasons unclear to me, the Feedback button stays locked in on the first Sprintr project it met. Am I missing a way to make this work ?? OR Should I create a feature request for a "stop talking to Sprintr" widget ?
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We fixed the problem where loading the feedback widget with a different Application identifier would not properly overwrite the previous.

You should be able to change the project of the widget by loading the it with a different identifier now.