refresh parent screen after changing child screen

I have a domain model with two objects: Budget (euro) -1--------*-< Contributions (euro) Next, I created a parent screen with on it the budget and a child screen showing the contributions. Both screens are visible in one browser simultaneously. In order to see the total budget on the parent screen, I added an attribute Budget.amount to the domain model which derives its value from a microflow. This microflow is executed at the moment the budget screen has been entered. The problem: my parent screen will not refresh automatically after entering a new contribution. The question: how can I organize to let the parent screen refresh after an child record has been added or altered?
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Use a custom save button for the contribution new / edit form. In that microflow retrieve the Budget object (from association), and add a change activity for the retrieved Budget object that has Refresh object to true.


super, that whas the solution, thnx Herbert!