Team server renaming directory

I think that like most developer I start with the directory name of a client. In this project I have the team server active. But now the name of the client changes (this do sometimes happens ). The problem is in changing this directory. I tried renaming. Opening the old project file does not work off course because the directory has changed. Opening a project does work but now the team server is ‘forgotten’. Uploading to the existing teamserver can be chosen, but results in an error that it is not empty. How can I solve this? What I really would like is changing the directory name and changing the application in the new name of the client but keeping my team server. Or do I just apply for a new team server and start from scratch? Is there an option to ‘reset’ the team server ?
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  1. Commit all your changes to sprintr
  2. Rename project in sprintr
  3. Download project (Team Download) to a new directory
  4. If succesfull delete the 'old' project directory

Only use SVN manually if you have no other option left.


I agree with the solution proposed by Chris. This way you also ensure that other people downloading the project will get the correct name. (I would have written a comment on his answer but comments are limited in length)

By the way, the project directory name itself is not versioned. The Modeler does not care what it is called. By default it is called "MyProject-main" but it can be called anything. You can rename it and then reopen the .mpr with the "from disk" option and everything including version control will work. But this fixes the name only locally.