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I decided to put the theme switcher into my default theme package. It works and displays the four other themes dutch,basic,default and dark. However i would like to be able to put another theme into the selector, which will be the default theme selected in the modeller. So in the html i tried editing: themes="Default;Basic;Dutch;Dark" to themes="MDU;Default;Basic;Dutch;Dark" However all this did is try to link to index-MDU.html. Does the theme switcher put the option on the end of index-MDU.html. Or could i put index into the theme switcher and it would work? Also if you then select a theme from the options you would loose the theme option from the list because it is defined in the html of the other theme. Is there a way to also edit the default themes to include a different theme in the theme selector? This way you can go back to the original default theme without having to refresh the browser. Thanks
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