Deeplink Module and Modeler v3.2

We recently updated to Modeler 3.2 and Deeplink Module 2.1.3 and a previously working (3.1.0 and 2.1.2) deeplink is now exhibiting some strange behaviours. Here is what should happen: Logged-in user purchases a subscription. A payment page is displayed to them (this page is delivered via a custom widget showing a hosted payment page in a frame). As part of the process a unique hash is generated which is passed to the payment processor and persists throughout the transaction so it can be appended to the success callback deeplink (formatted as: <host>/link/success/<hash>). The deeplink results in a "payment successful" page which includes a link to take the still logged-in user back to their main account page. Prior to changing to 3.2, this worked as described. Post 3.2 the first noticeable change is that in the Deeplink settings, the "Allow Guest" checkbox is checked. This was not the case previously as we do not wish to allow non logged-in users to access this deeplink. If "Allow Guest" is unchecked, then the deeplink fails and displays an endlessly recurring URL in the browser address bar: <host>/link/success/nulllink/success/nulllink/success/nulllink... If checked, the deeplink works but during the process the user is logged out. That is, the navigation and the "Goto My Account" link on the page all disappear, suggesting that the app no longer thinks the user is logged in. Refreshing the view returns to the login page. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, James
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Hi All,

The deeplink test projects are running as expected in 3.2.1. If you are still experiencing this problem, please file a bug report with test project. (We didn't receive one yet altough several people claim to experience this behavior?)


I've seen the same behaviour in 3.1 and the solution was to set the DeepLink.LoginLocation constant to space character without any quotes. Maybe this will work in 3.2 as well.