XML to domain mapping, no object created.

I have a xml file in Mendix and I am trying to do an XML to domain mapping. I created an xsd, created an xml schema and XML to domain mapping and set it to create the new object. I then created the microflow to import the selected file. I double checked that there was indeed an xml file with the right content. But whatever I do the object is not created. The microflow is triggered and the import action is carried out and I have no errors. Why is the object not created? Could the (self made) xsd be wrong? But why is there no error message? Anybody a clue on how to debug this? Regards, Ronald
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Did you set the "validate against schmea' property? If not, Mendix can't map your xml if it's wrong. Setting this property on true is always recommended, because you can feedback your user with the stacktrace.