Jetty Warning

I keep getting the following warnings in the service console : HTTPexception(413, FULL, Head, null) I found this on Google : This is because jetty allows only 4ko for HTTP request and response headers. Using large cookies is enough to reach the limit. To add more room for headers, simply add <headerbuffersize>16384</headerbuffersize> to your connector configuration (16k should be enough). How will I go about adding this? I only experience these warnings in our production environment, so I won't be able to test it, which is the reason for this question. Update : We've ran Trace logs on the Jetty node which has also exposed the following : EOF - - null
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Instead of implementing a random solution that will suppress symptoms... Why don't you look what's in those HTTP headers? Use some trace loglevels (if they print the http headers) or a packet sniffer like wireshark?

Mendix does not use cookies of more than a few bytes, so I suspect there's something else going on here.


The limit is there with a reason; it is the limit that is supported by any browser. Increasing the setting will still not assure your data will be received/ send correctly as browsers have their own limits as well. Besides, you should investigate why the request headers are so large. You can easily investigate the headers if you view the network traffic in Google Chrome / Firebug