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I have a system that has five [5] userroles Project Manager,Test Manager,Development Manager,Developer, Tester The Project Manager will create projects and allocates them to Test Manager, Development Manager -> then The Development Manager will select Developers and Testers to that particular project that he has been allocated to by the Project Manager So what i have done so far on the Project Manager i have a project overview then on the Project_NewEdit i have a Dataview that allows the Project Manager to create the project then under it i have the referenceSetSelector1 that allows the project manager to select a user role an in this case it will be the Development manager So i want when the Development manager login to see the project that he was allocated to by the project Manager and from that project he could select Developers and Testers for that project. The system will do that same for the Tester and Developer when they login they should see the project that was allocated to them by the Development Manager. and from the the developer and the test will log Bug to the system. Which result in that the Development Manager can see the Bugs of the Developers and Testers that belong to his department How can i do this....?
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Give the fact that a project manager can see all bugs Create extra access rules with XPath of the bug entity. Something like: (pseudoxpath)

Rule project manager has no XPATH.

Rule tester

[    bug/bug_testuser/user=[%'CurrentUser'%] ]

Rule developer

[ bug/bug_devuser/user=[%'CurrentUser'%] ]

Rule Manager


A bug has two associations: one to the assigned developer and one to the assigned tester. Each user has a manager (user_manageruser)

It is more elegant to use referencesets but for your case this will do.