enumeration captions

Hi, I keep seeing the "name" of the enumeration instead of the "caption" when displaying attribute in data grids or dataview, e.g. "some_value" instead of "Some Value". This happens in a few not all of them. Has anyone experienced this. Is there a setting to adjust this. I cannot see anything in the properties. LR.
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I looked in a number of different widjets, and I can see this problem in the check box set selector, in a normal drop down, in the datagrid.

the last widget where this is happening is the checkbox set selector where I have week days (e.g. CAPTION = "Monday, Tuesday"...) and name in enumeration are aMonday, bTuesday,... and I'm expecting to see the Caption "Monday" being shown and I see "a_Monday" instead. Has this been reported as a bug before? Most the times our enumerations are single worded so we wouldn't have necessarily noticed this. LR.