What kind of application is a mendix application?

Integration partners sometimes ask me what kind of application a mendix app is. I only know that a mendix application runs in the JRE and that it isn't a J2EE application. But can I get some technical details of a mendix application? What can I tell to other developers about the deployed mendix app? Edit: Already read this one. So the 'm2ee server' is just something like a J2EE server, only the mendix implementation? I'm just searching for a simple explanation, to clarify what a deployed mendix app looks like.
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Well basically mendix is a model interpreter that interprets the model that you create in the modeller. This model is translated to a form of java, not completely java, that is interpreted by the XAS of Mendix. Because there is no way to intervene in the interpreting process Mendix distinguishes itself from existing products that just generate code.

Older code generating products allow users to see the code that is generated which makes it more prone to mistakes or problems during updates.

However, what the full technical details are and how it works below the surface i do not know.