OQL with Dojo / in Widgets

Hey, I'm currently working on a widget for some BI reporting with a drill down function. I was wondering if its possible to use OQL in javascript instead of Microflow/XPath retrieval. This way I would be able to set it up more generic and save some bandwidth by being able to do the aggregations on the server instead of the client (Which I would need to do when using XPath). Thanks, Merlijn
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As far a I know it is not supported in processor.get. As an alternative you can write a custom requesthandler that handles OQL requests. See deeplink widget for a sample of a requesthandler.

BTW: will this BI reporting be available in the appstore? Most of us are waiting for something like that.


I think it is possible to create a dataset in the modeler, and then access it through a client api in custom widgets. I never used that though, and not sure what the correct API calls are.