Database synchronisation

Does it make any difference where the database I want to synchronise is? I need to do a "conversion" / 1-time synchronisation with a SQL database that is set on a secure sever. Am I correct in the assumption that IF I run the client from a machine that is "part of that private cloud", that I should be able to connect to that server ? The "orginal" Mendix application is not accesable from outside the customer environment and I had to set-up VPN portals for my external users, butI do have (browser) acces to the forms when I log in on premises. UPDATE The Database synchronization is deployed with the project in acceptance-cloud, but it seems unhappy if I use and IP-adress in the URL field ? Should I not ? OK... part 2 of the question. Once I pumped the data into my brand new and shiny cloudapplication, I will need to have some of the gritty parts synchronized BACK to the local server/database. How do I go about doing that ?? I got feedback from a Support request, and I know understand that synchronizing WITH a database which is cloud-hosted is not going to happen (or at least not right now). So I will have use either back-up and local restore to a database to use as local synchronization source, or use web-services.
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It sounds like it can be done, but ask your system admin. He needs to create trusts, set up vpn connections, do firewall setting etc. etc.