Excel importer 2.0

Thanks Jasper for updating this app. Greatly appriciated. But it is a pity you did not change the warnings (five warnings by just updating this module). I had a discussion about warnings in modules or apps. If the common rule is that the warnings always can be avoided (see the post about this subject, and I think this is true (as last resort by placing a bogus split or something)). The Mendix apps should not have warnings. It confuses the (new) users with warnings. I think that Mendix app should be checked for warnings before placing in the store. Just my 2 cents about this subject.
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In the comment section I could not post a picture so here again a comment (and it is good to see so much reaction).

I think warnings can be avoided. This is for instance the adapted ASuCheckModelAndTemplates: ASu</em>CheckModelAndTemplates

May be not elegant, but since I am not the author of the module it does remove the warning.

@ Michel, could you elaborate on a empty caption warning that was intended to be empty? I now in this module there is also an empty caption warning (the progress message in ExcelImporter.IVKTemplateConnectMatchingAttributes). But I do not think that it was intended to be empty...