How to setup Microflow links for the Rich Text Viewer

Can someone please give me a detailed example of how to setup a Microflow link for the Rich Text Viewer widget? With the documentation alone I am not getting it to work. I have defined which microflow should be called by specifying property "Events > Microflow links" of the Rich Text Viewer widget. Now I am having trouble linking the < a href="" > tag in the HTML text to make it call the specified microflow.
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In the rich text viewer:

  1. Add a bunch of microflow to the viewer, for example: Test - MyFirstModule.Test
  2. Do not assign a Onclick microflow

In the rich text editor:

  1. Set the button set property to something which enables the link button
  2. In the microflow links, add the same names (not microflow names) as used in the rich text viewer
  3. When using the editor, you should now be able to select text, press the link button, and choose a microflow link name form the list.

UPDATE If not using the rich text editor, generate links with the following structure: Otherwise, if you set the href to:

<a href="javascript:${MyMicroflowName}">Click me!</a>

I have the feeling I misunderstand these microflow links...

I thought that I could use an < a href="" > (anchor) tag in the HTML that is displayed by the Rich Text Viewer and could be linked to a microflow that is configured under the Microflow links.

Can you please give a real-world example of where and how I should use these Microflow links with a Rich Text Viewer?



Just tried the structure that you suggested in the update, but it gives the following error after clicking on the link:

This webpage is not found

No webpage was found for the web address: http://localhost:8080/typeof(dijit)%20!=%20%22undefined%22%20&&%20dijit.byId(%22RichText _widget _RichTextViewer _1%22).invokecallback(0)

Error 6 (net::ERR _FILE _NOT _FOUND): The file or directory could not be found.

Note: I had to add space before the underscore characters to make sure that the link does not show italic markup.

I did the following:

  • Added the Microflow Link to the Rich Text Viewer named "MyMicroflowName"
  • Connected it to a microflow named "CapIntro.Activity_ViewAllComments"
  • The HTML text that the Rich Text Viewer shows has an anchor tag that looks like this:
    • < a href="{MyMicroflowName}">Click here!< /a>

I have the feeling I am very close to the solution! :-)