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I have been trying to find an automatic testing tool for regression and functional testing, that works well with Mendix. So far I have worked with Sikuli, for this, however Sikuli does have some limitations. I have been trying to work with selenium, with little success. If any one has some tips or links about selenium testing Mendix applications I would appreciate the info. Also if you have worked with anyone other automatic testing tools with Mendix, I would really like to know what tools you have used.
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It is not so nice to post to a thread this old (2012) with a sales pitch. For further documentation about working with Selenium go to the documentation here:




Hi Christopher,

I have a question for you, if you are so kind to answer this for me. We are also trying to implement some automatic testing into our application. Therefore we like to use selenium as you once tried, are you still trying/using this tool? If so, here is my question:

Clicking on a button from selenium in our application gives a problem because selenium cant target it. This could be a next button, but also the menu bar is a problem to target. Did you have the same problem and do you have any solution for this or maybe some tips?

Thank you in advance!




You could read about our experience in Cleveroad company - Maybe you'll like something


Check MTF (Mansystems Test framework) op Test application build on Mendix platform created to test Mendix apps

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