microflow iterator

Hi I have this problem am exporting user stories from excel file in the application so the file consist of the following attributes 1.ItemID which is a Autonumber, 2.Depth which is a character(String) so on the depth we have +,++,+++ and for '+' it represent the User Story, '++' represent the Task of the User Story , '+++' is the Sub-Task of the Task for the User Story So i need to loop through the exported UserStories List and retrive all depth that is '+' and group them together as well the the depth that is '++' and so on But i need to have the association of the Sub-Task to Task to User Story like if i were to click on the User Story i must be able to get the Task of that User Story as well as the Sub task of the Task But keep in mind that User Story might not have a Task so the depth list would look like this 1.+ 2.+ 3.+ [User story] 4.++ [ 4 will be Task for 3] 5.++[ 5 will be Task for 3] 6.+++[ 6 will be Sub Task for 5] 7.+ so i can i resolve this matter. What logic of microfow will i need to use
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You mean importing?

I would recommend to read the rough table directly into Mendix (create an entity with the same fields). After that, write a microflow to extract the user stories, etc.