Rich text editor inserting text using templates/snippets

Hi, We are using the Rich Text Editor to create email body texts. When the user is working on the body text he wants to be able to insert text snippets from a library of snippets. However, the selected snippet needs to be inserted/pasted inside the body text that's already present and preferably at the cursor position. How to handle this requirement? I was thinking about using the Copy Paste functionality available in the Rich Text Editor but this requires 2 actions (Copy and Paste) and seems to cause some security issues in Firefox (the browser used at the project). Using Microflows requires determining the position of the cursor and I do not know how to do that. Note: we already generate an email using a signature selected by the user, my question focuses on inserting text in an already 'in progress' email.
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The Rich Text Editor is build on tiny-mce. You can modify the widget and run a command from javascript. This inserts text on the cursor position.

tinyMCE.execCommand ('mceInsertContent', (see doc)

The most generic way to do this is call a microflow from the widget that returns a string. In that case you are free to open a select form, read a snippet from the database.