Mendix 3.0 and nesting data-grid in a dataview

Hi guys, I'm new to Mendix and trying to figure out how to nest a data-grid in a dataview to show a 1:n relationship, where the details are determined by the selected row in the master Data-grid. When I search the mendix website I found evidence that this should be possible, or at least was possible in version 2.5, by implementing a listening data-view and adding a nested data-grid to this dataview. However, whatever I try to achieve this in 3.2, I cannot get a (listening) data-view to accept a data-grid. Is this a bug, or is this no longer possible in mendix 3.2 ? Please help me before I go nuts... :) thnx for your time and help in advance.. Hans.
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Can't you simply select the reference from the Connector? If not, are you sure your reference is going the correct way?

If not you can always use an xpath constraint by setting the xpath constraint to:

[Module.MyReference = '[%CurrentObject%]']