Security issues with Google Map

Hey all, I got a bug report from a user testing on a terminal server based IE8 browser. The Googlemap widget prompts a Unable to render blabla widget Operation failed and it pops the Only seceured content IE8 message. I tried the "normal" fix in the security settings for this to go away, but is this a structural issue ? as a lot of our potential usergroup might be on IE8 (or shudder IE7.......) if this is workable without meddeling with security settings then that would be prefereable. The application is running on the Mendix cloud, which by your definition I think is an HTTPS setting.
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Does your application run on https? If so, it might not allow your application to render the maps that are loaded from http. You could try editing the widget to use instead. Otherwise I suggest a support ticket with test project.

IE is not very user-friendly (or developer-friendly of course) concerning security warnings/blocks. It's almost impossible to work around these except by giving in to its demands.