LDAP user mappings

I've set up my LDAP account. I've imported the groups. Now I have to map the user attributes. I've set the "Current User Entity" to "Administration.Account". But when I want to set my attributes I only see the attributes of "Administration.Account". I would think I could see the attributes of "System.User" also, but that's not the case. Even stranger, when I set the current user entity to "System.User" I can't see any attributes at all. Is this a bug? Or am I doing something wrong?
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The 'user entity' dropdown in the server configuration form is empty.

Probably you were navigation to the Ldap.LdapServers_Overview form directly instead of using the Ldap.OpenLdapServersOverview microflow in your navigation. This microflow makes sure the domain model is analyzed before opening the appropriate forms.