Displaying a variable on a Form

Is it possible, and if so how, to display a variable on a form? I have a form on which I want the user to be able to enter a value to be used in a calculation (e.g. a percentage), but I don't want this value to be stored in the database, only the result of the calculation. Can I do this? Thanks.
2 answers

Nope, that isn't possible. You need to store the variable in a metaobject if you want to display it in a form.

However, what you can do is calculate the value in a Microflow (I assume you're already doing this) and then include a "send text message" Activity in the flow:

  1. Create an activity
  2. Double-click it to select the type of action
  3. Select "Send Text Message", which is under "Client"
  4. You can fill in any microflow expression which will be shown in a little popup box when the microflow executes.

See this thread for more info on handling user input with forms and microflows.