Delete Microflow

I have two entities [Export] and [Story] where the [story] is generalization of [Export] and am using a ExcellImport and importing sheet which i save in the [Export] and so i have a mircoflow that retrieves data from the the [Export] then i create a NewStory and save the content of the [Export] to the NewStory. The problem i want to delete or clear the [Export] so that when i Import to [Export] i will not have a duplicate of the firt [Export] i have tried calling a microflow that deletes the list of [Export] after i have save them in the [Story] but is not working as it still duplicate the [Story] Is there any other methods that i can use to clear the content in the [Export] after saving them into the [Stories]
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It would be good practice to do the Excel import to a seperate entity. Then after the import you can copy the Excel import data to the right place, in your case the new Story entity. You have much greater control about the importing of your data this way because when the Excel import goes wrong nothing is happening with your important data but only with the seperate entity that can be deleted without problems.

Hope this helps.