Not receiving activation emails from Cloud SMTP Server

I have configured my application to send out an activation e-mail when a client registers on our system. The application registers all the details and attaches an activation hash key and sends the mail to the user for verification. At this point in time I am not receiving any e-mails when adding myself to the system. I have used localhost as my SMTP server and port 25 in the e-mail settings. Is there any way to track these e-mails going out from the system.
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Did you add a reply address? If so: are you getting any exceptions on that address. If you feel that the receiving party might not be a reliable one, you definitely want the reply address to be a different server so that the mail server can reliably send you error messages.

If you've done that, checked the logs (possibly post the exceptions?) and still feel that the mailserver is malfunctioning you can file a ticket.


Hi Achiel,

I managed to get the Application to send e-mails to my mail address using the SMTP settings: localhost on port 25. I now get e-mails but cant activate the account from the link back to the application.

This is the link I have in the e-mail:


It seems that it tries to activate using my local http settings to find a way back to the Cloud Application, and then fails? Is there a setting I need to change?