Passing Context as Parameter to OQL Dataset

Is it possible to pass the context of a object to a Data Set using the basic report pane and run the OQL? I want to pass the context that the basic report is in as a parameter and then auto run the basic report.
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That's not possible. The only thing you can do is add a parameter to your OQL query. With a constraint you can mostly retrieve what you need if the data is related to the CurrentUser.

If the data is not related to CurrentUser than you can make for example a helping relation between the context object and the System.User (or deriving) object. When opening the object, set that relation. In the constraint of the parameter you add something like this: ReportObjectUserReportHelper = [CurrentUser]

An alternative is to retrieve the data in Java, in Java there are options to retrieve the current context objects.

Note that there is a known bug in 3.2.1. with parameters, it do not at all in 3.2.1.