Email Module not returning anything

Good day. I am using the Email Token 2.0 with Mendix v 3.2.1. I have setup everything, but experiencing the following on the java action Send Email in the IVK_CreateAndSendEmail microflow: It enters the java code perfectly, all attributes and lists defined and correct, but on calling the java mail module; this line: if( toList != null || ccList != null ) EmailModule.mail(config, this.HtmlBody, this.PlainBody, this.Subject, toList, ccList, bccList, this.getContext(), attachmentListIMx); else It enters this code and then, well that is the problem, never returns. No error, no exit, no nothing. It simply never returns. The browser also simply hangs, can't do it twice after one another. I have placed a try catch on this piece of code, exception based (which should catch all)- and nothing returned after it enters the calling of the core.mail function. I read previous forums on this, but every one of them seems to at least have an error(message) to work with. I have set the log levels to debug and trace, yet nothing. Once it enters that module, it never returns. So far, when I use the email module in 3.1.0, using just the email module, with smtp server settings, I am able to send the email through successfully. Downloading/(adding as a new module)- the token based v2.0- which is a bad idea, since you end up with 2 modules using the same name microflows (example IVK_CreateAndSendEmail) - which is very easy to misuse the wrong one in the wrong package when calling microflows. So I started a new project in 3.2.1, only importing the mxreflection and token based email. Using the same smtp server settings, which was proven to work with a plain text email in mendix 3.1.0, it goes to the email module as described above, and hangs. Using normal gmail smtp settings.SSL enabled.
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Have you tried it with another email server? Maybe it's just waiting for the remote server to complete and hasn't timed out yet.