Is it possible to set a maximum length constraint on a text area?

Hi, I know that it is possible to set a maximum length for the inputs in a form, but is that also possible for text areas? It doesn't seem to be working in the client. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for your help! Chris
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In 2.4.3 we have added three new properties to the textarea:

  • Max length: maximum number of characters that can be entered in the text area.
  • Counter message: the text displayed when typing in the textarea in the client (nothing is showed if empty). You can use {1} to refer to the number of characters already typed and {2} to refer to the maximum numbers of characters.
  • Text too long message: the text displayed when the text is too long and the textarea doesn't have the focus (if it has focus the counter message is shown).

In your Metamodel you can set a maximum length of characters for any attribute of type String; you can also set it to unlimited.

There is also a property 'Max length' on inputfields in any dataview which you can set to 'attribute length', 'unlimited' or a 'custom length'. To use this property select the inputfield, go to the property menu 'Behavior' and select option 'Max length'.