Display issue after DST

We discovered some display issues in our application for objects which are created the 25th of march, day of DST. Found an object which has a created date of 25-03-2012 6:54:00 in the database. There is another datetime attribute which we set in the object and this one is used as a search filter in a datagrid. When we set this search field at the 25th, we found this object. When we set set this search field at the 26th, we also found this object. So two different dates has been used as a search filter to find the same object. The search filter is set to an equal comparison, so it shouldn't be possible. The datetime attribute is set to 25-03-2012 22:00:00 in the database. So how it is possible that this object can be found with the 25th as a search field? Seems that this only happened to objects which are created the 26th.
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Hi, Hope I can give some ideas for research... - Did you consider this to be a localisation issue? What is your client (user) time zone, what is your server time zone? There might be an overlap so that you get evening results of 25 March and morning results of 26 March as 1 result. - In general, I noticed that as from version 3.0, date and time functions working easier & better. - I actually had some issues in the past that look a bit like yours, and that were due to localisation (check both attributes in your domain model: is "localize" having the same setting (yes/no). One way to trace Mendix localisation issues is to look at the raw data eg through Ms SQL Server client. If you store a same date time stamp in both attributes, do they get the same value in the db? - Have a look at this info, maybe it helps.

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I don't recognize this issue immediately but I recommend upgrading to 3.x, we significantly improved datetime handling there. Also see https://world.mendix.com/display/refguide3/Date+and+Time+Handling+in+3.0