Configuring Deeplink : generated deeplink

I am working on the email notifications functionality and using DeepLink Module but have a problem getting the links generated. Please help I have configured emails notifications functionality where a one user role may send an email to a certain role. This works fine without the DeepLink. I have downloaded the DeepLink module from App Store to be able to include it in the email but had a problem generating the links at runtime. I have also went through the documentation but its not clear on how to generate the link.
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You need the template token module to insert a deeplink to a specific entity. Make a virtual attribute in your entity that can be read via a token and insert it in the mail. This will look like

Deeplinks are generated in the following format :


The attribute is the one that you specified for the related object when you created the DeepLink.

So you can simply use this format in your email and only change the attribute per custom email.

Be sure to configure your login and index pages correctly.