Object for id could not be retrieved

I'm trying to find where in my model or code (which works otherwise properly) these errors are being thrown. 2009-10-01 12:41:01.281 WARNING - CORE: Object for id '[MendixIdentifier:: guid=-281466386776064 objectType=PipsAndSubbies.Job objectTypeHash=2 dataStoreCode=-1 objectStoreId=0]' couldn't be retrieved Unfortunately this message, unlike most, doesn't tell you at what point in a microflow or in Java it arose. Can someone tell me in what circumstances it can be thrown, and how best to go about finding the cause?
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Judging by the guid (which is negative) I'd have to say that you're trying to do a retrieve on an object which has never been committed yet. Try committing some of your objects earlier on in your microflow/java actions and you should be able to find your bug relatively quickly.