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Although the release notes of 3.2.1 say nothing on the change of the Administration module things have changed. I have updated an existing project with this new module and I am experiencing some strange behavior. I have a Person which is a generalization of Administration.Account. When I create a new Person and fill in all the fields including the NewPassword and ConfirmPassword the Person is created. But when I try to log in as that person I get an username password error. Setting the password again in the same form resolves this. For the saving of this form I changed the microflow from the old SaveAccount to the new SaveNewAccount. But on closer examination this microflow has changed and I think this microflow no longer can be used for custom forms of User accounts. What microflow should be used for custom saves of User accounts? Or should I now adapt the SaveNewAccount to match the custom form? I see the improvements that has been made to this module which I like, but in the old module I could simply evoke the SaveAccount microflow without adaption and I think this is no longer the case. Or am I missing something?
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Some short info on the updated user administration is described in this forum topic.

Note that the CRUDs are split into an Account_New (calling SaveAccount to validate pwd) and an Account_Edit with a button to a ChangePasswordForm that calls anoter pwd validation microflow. Is there a difference that could cause the problem you encounter?