Webservice calls from behind a Proxy Server

Writing my own custom Servlets in Mendix is great, since I can specify my own Proxy settings. Question is, can the normal Webservice engine in Mendix be configured to use a proxy? In really paranoid environments, its a mission getting firewalls open. Is there a way to call Webservices via a proxy?
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You should be able to pass proxy options to the java process using parameters:

java -Dhttp.proxyHost=proxyhostURL

At, least, this used to work in the 2.5.x lines and 3.0.0. We switched libraries in 3.1.0 if I'm not mistaken, don't know if the new library also picks up these parameters.


Can anyone provide an example of how to configure ProxyHostURL and ProxyPortNo in the Extra JVM parameters of the Project configuration.