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I have two points concerning the Appstore documentation on the various apps and widgets. 1) would it be possible to have a downloadable form for the documentation..... I find that those Appstore components that DO have documentation, also need frequent trips TOO the documentation and having the documentation on eg. an ereader or tablet would be very handy.... 2) would it be possible to rate documentation ..... ? or at least have a (hidden) link to comment on documentation issues to the creator of the object....? Posting questions in the forum does not always cut it.. And concerning Appstore functionality 3) it would be VERY nice (and a considerable problem avoider!) to be able to filter the Appstore on the stuff you can actualy USE in the version of Mendix you are working with..... 4) it would be helpfull to be able to establish WHICH language a widget/module in the appstore is prepared for... To often I find that there are missing (Dutch) captions, but it can be worse ! When you download a module that seems to have NO captions ..... now I need to guess if someone opted to default to enGB or enUS, and add language options I dont really need. If there is enough support for this in here, I will make formal requests out of it....
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Hi Lex,

Thanks for your feedback!

We're currently very busy with wrapping up all the new features for Mendix 4.0, but after that we are definitely going to spend time on improving the App Store and any feedback is welcome.

Be aware that you can always use the Feedback button on the App Store for any and all feedback. This will be send to our App Store project on Sprintr and will keep you informed of any comments on it and the status of the feedback.