Refresh form

Is it possible to refresh a complete form from a widget to show changes from other users? It can be done via a microflow that calls change/refresh but can this be done in the browser as well? I tried mx.screen.reloadContent() mx.screen.refresh() mx.processor.objectPing(mxObj). Some of them refreshed the grid but not the editor form. I am already subscribed to a guid and receive notifications but can't get the screen updated outside the widget.
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"That is mx.screen.refresh(). It refreshes the main form but not a popup form."

To be precise, it refreshes the view in the main content window. This call was never meant to refresh anything outside that. From the API docs, ,

This method is called to refresh the current form in content.

Granted, this could use some more elaborate description.

change/refresh calls made from a Microflow to the client send specific instructions back to the browser for cache updates, update messages to subscribed widgets, etc.

The unfortunately named method 'objectPing' should send a message to all subscribed widgets - can you reproduce this in a test project and send it to the support portal?