Does anyone have any experience with Selenium IDE?

Hi All, I have a question about using the automated testing tool Selenium IDE (firefox plugin). I saw multiple signs on the forum that people try to use Selenium for testing their mendix application, so I hope someone can help me with the following: I understand the how-to-use of the Selenium IDE tool pretty well and I understand that there are more options as locators. Still, the clicking part of Selenium does not work for us. Within our application we have a table with buttons included. These buttons have a click-on-event behind them, and those are not triggered (in no way). Selenium does find them, but does not trigger the microflow behind it. The same happens for a "next" or "cancel" button, this is the same functionality. Clicking an option in the navigationbar does work. Someone that can help me with this? Keep in mind that I use the Selenium IDE tool, not Selenium RC. Thank you in advance!
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I've written a few PoC Selenium tests.

Mendix applications are well suited to automated testing with Selenium if you understand the language (Selenese) that test scripts are written in.

Instantiated widgets have a unique ID in the DOM. If you run a test against a known application these IDs are predictable. The first DataGrid will have ID 'mxui_widget_MxDataGrid_0', the second one will have 'mxui_widget_MxDataGrid_1'.

The main ways of finding nodes are,

1) globally by-ID
2) using global CSS-selectors
3) using XPath from the document root
4) using CSS-selectors from a specific node

What you want to do for building test suites is combining 1) and 4).

You can predict the ID of (say) the third instantiation of a Grid (or any other widget). Having a reference to the top-level DOM-node you can use CSS-selectors to find button X of Grid instantiation N and trigger an event on that.

Caveat - For cross-browser compatibility with focus management there are buttons that don't have their events triggered on a 'click' event but on a combination of 'mousedown' and 'mouseup' events. You have IE to thank for this.


Another reply, cause you got me curious. I found 2 simple Selenium 2.21.0 testScripts that we used in the project when we started-up the automated testing. It is a script to logon and to do some application-specific actions.

Could you provide a very simple testProject that points out your issue? E.g. a project with 1 button that does work when you click on it manually but does not work when clicking it by Selenium?

Then I (and perhaps others?) can try to get it working (and see how difficult it is).

Additionally: I could ask the developers of my previous project if they still use Selenium (and how they deal with this issue)


see this question


Nobody here on the forum that uses Selenium as a testing tool? It would be such a relieve when clicking buttons would work.



Hi Roberto,

I haven't seen any new message, so your response did slip my attention for a while, sorry for that.

I am still interested to get Selenium IDE working. I do know that there is a way to get Selenium 2, but I would really enjoy it when the IDE version with trigger the 'click' too.

I do not have any small project right now, but till now, all my project do have this issue. It's just the trigger (change on event) that doesn't seem to work. Maybe you could simulate it?

Ps. when i do have a test project, how should i provide it to you? Thanks again for the response!