Image viewer is not recognizing click action microflow

Hi There, I'm using the image viewer widget to display an icon that should be clickable. When the user clicks the icon a microflow should be executed. I've added the widget to my form and entered the name of a microflow in the 'Click Action' property, however when I run my app only the icon shows and it is not clickable! Here is the HTML output that is being generated by the widget: <img alt="loading..." src="ui/theme-Cloud9/images/close.png" dojoattachpoint="imageNode" mxid="9c609ca5-adeb-4232-85dd-b5873e1acdfa" focusindex="0" id="DynamicImage_widget_DynamicImage_0" widgetid="DynamicImage_widget_DynamicImage_0"> Any ideas what is happening? Thanks!!
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Might not be the widget..... check the security on your microflow ??

I usually only notice this kind of behaviour when I forget to set the proper autorisations.