ExchangeClient 2003 not returning folders

I am using the ExchangeClient 2003 module in a Mendix 3.2.1 project and am experiencing below behavior. With some (not all!) users the java action ExchangeClient.FolderImport returns an empty list. In the log an entry is set: [Ljava.lang.StackTraceElement;@d7606 Because this occurs with some users, I am suspecting user account settings on the exchange server but I would really like to find out which one. When debugging the action, I notice the program never enters the method processFolders. Not an experienced java programmer, I wonder what could be wrong with the call to this method and why it fails.
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If you never enter the processFolders method then I guess the exception already occurs while obtaining the folders from Exchange (the connector.getRootFolders() call which is a call to the library used to connect to Exchange).

It's impossible to say what's wrong here though. That log seems odd, is this the Log entity in the ExchangeClient module? You should also see a log line in your console, does it tell you anything else?

Edit: the log is from incorrectly implemented custom code, replace the e.getStackTrace() call by e.getMessage() and figure out what's wrong when you have the actual exception message.