Refresh in client

Hi, I have a dataview (object X) which contains a tabcontrol. In one of the tabs there is a datagrid shown (object Y). There is an association between the object of the dataview and the datagrid. (N - 0). In the datagrid I use an invoke to set the relation between the two objects. ( I cannot use a set selector in this case. ) I also want to clear the reference with an invoke (remove object from association). In that microflow I change X, remove Y from the association and refresh, without committing the object. Unfortunately the refresh in client doesn't work. When I save the view and open it later, the objects that are removed are not in the list. So the microflow works fine. Who can help?
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Refresh in client for objects in a grid will only work if the objects haven been committed (in this case this means the relation to the objects should have been committed). You could try committing object X, this should result in the desired behaviour.