How to access the DB through a third party tool

Hi guys, one of our clients requires data reporting through a third party tool (e.g. datavision) in order to build reports in a more dynamic way and we need to access the data in the custom cloud, although the current app will be migrated to the cloud (v.3.2+) in the near future. How can we do this, and would it also work when we migrate to the new cloud? LR.
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I have two applications on the customcloud, where I can still access the data using PSQL via Putty. No direct acces there.

AFAIK there is no direct acces to the regular Cloud.

I also recently asked about the option to use the DB synchronisation module from the regular Cloud to a reporting Database in-situ, but was told that is not possible. The suggestion provided was to use a Dump of the database to Restore to a in-situ version of the database, and to report from there or to use webservices to get the data.

Probably not the answer you are looking for, but maybe somebody has better/more information (and I will monitor that closely !)


Hello Luis,

I did not know the datavision product, but it looks like an ideal candidate to integrate IN Mendix. It is open source written in Java, works with postgresSQL.

It is a pity there is not yet a free reporting app in the Mendix store based on opensource BI tools like this tool or Jaspersoft (free version), JFreeReport (to name a few). I already looked to Jaspersoft as a likely candidate, but had not yet the time to really delve into it. There is a Mendix partner who build the Jaspersoft app but you have to pay for this app. And I believe Qlikview integration has also been built by a partner. It would be nice though to have a free open source BI app in the Mendix store. Because customers do want reports and the basic tooling provided now are not adequate enough. And if customers want more the next step would be the paid integration with the Jaspersoft suite or Qlikview.

[EDIT] Look here on how to integrate into Mendix: embed datavision




Hi guys. I thought I'd chip in on this one as the customer has been asking for this for some time. All we need is READ ONLY access to the database using a standard drag & drop reporting tool so that the customer can build their own reports.

I think one of the key advantages of Mendix is that it uses a standard SQL database (unlike some competitors), so I think it's not good that we cannot leverage this advantage by using standard BI tools.

There doesn't seem to be any option for user-driven reporting on a Mendix database then - apart from regularly copying the data and reporting off the copied database, which wouldn't work anyway if the customer doesn't have any infrastructure (a fairly typical Cloud customer).

Our customer says "its my data, I should be able to read it using these products" - hard to argue with. I totally agree that we shouldn't let them break the database, but they can't do that if we only grant read access.

thanks Paul