Rich Text Suite and default formatting

I have a membership management app that includes functionality where emails are sent to different groups of members. I've added the following to the 'save and send' microflow: 'Dear '+$MemberList/PreferredName+' '+$Email/MessageHTML However, this results (obviously) in the default font being used for the 'Dear .....' portion, and the rest of the message being sent in whatever format / font was specified in the rich text editor (used in the email template). How can I apply the custom formatting from the rich text editor to the hard-coded 'Dear .....'? (I've tried using a normal text area instead of the rich text editor - however, in testing the functionality - one of my BB mailboxes then receives the text as well as the script in the email message)
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Perhaps you could setup this system in a different way. I don't know what the content of your mail is but if they are basically just default texts with some names and data filled in, you could make some HTML templates with tokens and replace the tokens with the real data later. Or add the 'dear <name>' text as a default in your HTML editor, then people can choose if they want to leave it in.

There is no easy solution otherwise, parsing the content of the HTML and inserting additional text would be much more complex. It's doable though if you really must.