Self reference in web service

When the parent in an one to many relation is exposed to the interface, the children are being put in a repeating structure in the webservice, when the repeating structure is filled in an incoming message, the association to the parent on the children entries is automatically filled in. This is also shown in the exposed webservice, the relation shows up as a list of child entities. I however, have an entity with a one to many self reference that I want to expose to an interface, the entity is a ticket with its tasks. If I do this it seems that in the resulting webservice that is created, this relation can only be used in one way, it can only be used to store the parent of the current incoming ticket. This theory is supported when I look in the webservice, the relation is not showing up as both a list of entities (if you want to use the repeating structure to populate the children) and as a single entity (if you want to create a parent) but only as a single entity. This is however not what I want, I want the entries in the repeating task structure to become children of the ticket entry. For now I've managed to work around it by creating a many to many relation, the parent is in this case holding the associations to the children and it takes me some more work to retrieve the parent from a child, but at least it works. My question is: Is what I described above correct and is it indeed not possible at the moment to have a repeating structure in Mendix, that is associated with an one to many self reference and to fill the children from the repeating structure instead of the parent. the structure in the interface message would look like this: <ticket> <ticket attributes...&gt;<="" ticket="" attributes...&gt;="" <tasks=""> <task> <task attributes...&gt;<="" task="" attributes...&gt;="" <="" task=""> <task> <task attributes...&gt;<="" task="" attributes...&gt;="" <="" task=""> </tasks> </ticket> To further enlight, a picture:
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