Limit a user to limited tries/uses per application

We currently have a system in place that lets a user log on and access 4 services. If I want to limit a user to say 2 attempts per service and thereafter notify them that they have used their 2 attempts and will be blocked when their tries have been used up. How would I build this? Could I use a change object and change the entities to empty or false and how would I trigger the second attempt and finally block that service.
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Hi Desmond,

Please find a suggestion below:

You can create a settings object where you store the maximum number of attempts per service for all users.

Then you can create a new entity between the service and user entity where you cater for an attribute where you can count the attempts. You higher up this number every time a certain user makes use of the service.

Before a certain user would like to use a service, you can check the number of attempts with the value is set as maximum number of attempts for that service (settings object). If it's equal or higher than the maximum number of attempts you return a message, else the user can continue.

Hope this helps.