Formdesign: why are empty rows ignored?

While designing a form I ran into some obstacles that I did overcome, but maybe there are better, smarter sollutions. The first was that I needed extra space between a couple of lines. First I thought I could create this extra space by adding emtpy rows in the table I placed. But for some reason empty rows are ignored. Placing the HTML snippet with <br ...> in the empty rows did give the desired effect. CSS styling seemed a bit overkill for just one form. The second problem was handling large static text on a form. What I would like to have is a static text box with the rich text suite. Now I can either use a label (not real handy for styling the text) or again the HTML snippet. Just making an entity for the text to display in a dataview just to have the rich text suite seemes like a lot of work for doing something simple. Or did anyone find another sollution for handling large text on a form? I like to here what others did when styling forms, so feel free to give comments. Regards, Ronald
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