Mobile forms - hiding navigation

When setting up a mobile form there is an attribute under 'Navigation... Visible for' from which you can select the Security groups to see the navigation. However, if I set this to (none) on some forms, the Navigation items defined under Mobile navigation are still visible in the built-in emulator. Is this the correct way to remove the navigation items in the mobile footer pane for some forms? Will there be any How-to's on the mobile forms features soon? *Edit: * With a regular form, if you set Navigation to (none) you do get an error, but not with a mobile form. I guess I have misunderstood what this attribute does (or does not do) for the mobile forms. I wanted to hide the footer navigation area, and perhaps that is not possible and not the intended function of this attribute.
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If I select a form in the navigation and set 'Visible for' to 'None' I get a consistency error.. I can't figure out how this is different from your situation exactly?

Edit: You do have security enabled right? So not set to 'Off' in the Project security menu?