What configs of an App can I edit in the several Environments

Hi guys, Moving from Acceptance to Production, I would like to change some properties of my Application: The name of the Environment, to present a greeting like "Welcome to PRD", "Welcome to ACCPT", etc; The address of some webservices; The number of tweets my application should show (10 in ACCPT and 20 in Production).. How can I change properties like the above in the various Environments. What is the recommended Mendix approach?
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Yes, constants :)


You could use constants, but you could also create a setting entity in your model with all you different settings. This way you don't need a restart of your application when you want to change some environment settings.


Hello all, I've been considering this something similar for an app I'm working on.

I use constants but have been thinking these should really be in an entity which I load up on start-up.

This way I can change them via an admin screen if necessary.


But what is the best way to populate the entity, do I load them from constants? Can anyone tell me what is the preferred Mendix way to tackle this problem?





Hi Adrian,

What I have seen being used (in the AuditLog module for example) is that the default value on the Enttiy's attributes is used to do the initial set up.

You have to make sure to document this, thought. Another approach would be of course constant, or hardcoding.