Help with white branding site for multiple companies

I have an application which i need to white brand. This means that the application will have to look different for different customers but the same application underneath. These won’t be logged in customers though so i have to use something to identify what url they come from and tailor the application to them. In order to do this i have used the deeplink module and have a different theme depending on which deeplink is used. This deeplink then loads up a anonymous form that has a dataview with the company. So using the link localhost:8080/link/companyB will load a anonymous dataview of companyB. This is so that when the user can fill in a quote and we know from which company they did it from. I have selected the option set as homepage on the deeplinks so that when the user refreshes the page when they aren’t logged in it will load up the correct company. This seems to work fine, however my problem occurs when the user logins in and logs out again. When the user logins into the application and logs out they will get a different session and therefore the deeplink module won’t run the deeplink to load the correct company. Therefore it will just load up the default company which is companyA. Does anyone have any ideas how i can overcome this problem or does anyone have any other ideas on how to brand a site for different companies? Thanks Simon
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If you are running the Mendix Runtime Server behind an Nginx or Apache webserver, you could set up rewrite rules like so: -> http://mendixserver/link/companyA -> http://mendixserver/link/companyB

You can do this just for the root page and the login page and let all other requests go through without rewriting.

Would that solve your problem?


Apart from trying something else, like Rewrite Conditions/Rules using mod_rewrite, you can try and write your own logout function if you prefer Deeplink.

It should be straight forward to kill a session via microflow and the depending on the state of your Brand before logout, you can redirect to a different anonymized deeplink URL for that specific brand using a redirect appstore module.