Running the generated code without Mendix?

Hi guys, I'm trying to understand what are the core components needed by a Mendix Application: The code generated for an App created with the Busines Modeler needs the Mendix Busines Server? Or can a Mendix App run in a Java environment without the Busines Server? And, what are the functions of the Mendix Rich Webclient and Mendix Connectivity Manager? Are these runtime components? What is their function?
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Please see my answer in In short, yes you will need the server as there is no generated code.

The Mendix Rich Webclient is simply the client ran in the browser that talks to the server. I'm not sure where the term connectivity manager is used but I think it is referring to the database connectivity part of the server. Where did you find this term?

Edit: Yes in those slides the connectivity manager refers to the database connectivity part of the server.

I suggest playing around with Mendix for a while and seeing how it works.