XPath on reference selector in Data View

I got three entities: Schema, ActiviteitConfig and Uitkomst. There is a reference association from ActiviteitConfig to Schema. There are two reference associations from Uitkomst to ActiviteitConfig namely: Uitkomst_ActiviteitConfig and nextstep. In a dataview from Uitkomst (where the reference Uitkomst_ActiviteitConfig is already filled) I want to fill the reference 'nextstep. I impose the following Xpath: [Processchema.ActiviteitConfigSchema/Processchema.Schema/Processchema.ActiviteitConfigSchema/Processchema.ActiviteitConfig/Processchema.Uitkomst_ActiviteitConfig = '[%CurrentObject%]'] Which gives me all ActiviteitConfig related to Schema by the current object. I want to exclude the (only one) ActiviteitConfig which I can find by the reference Uitkomst_ActiviteitConfig. In other words can i impose Xpaths on the current object, e.g [id != %currentobject%/Uitkomst_ActiviteitConfig]
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May be use a list action? Retrieve all the objects in a new list and substract the (I believe in this case one) object(s) you do not want to show?